Wednesday, June 30, 2021

June 30

The dates demarking changes to our safety practices seem arbitrary as our world continues to suffer from COVID-19 infections. I am charged with keeping you, your families, and our community safe and I will continue to do so to the best of my ability.

With Oregon amending its COVID-19 mask and physical distancing mandates on June 30, I am still asking you to wear a mask into the clinic and throughout our session and wash or sanitize your hands upon entering the building. I will be wearing an N95 mask and gloves, and our air filters will still be humming.

We will no longer request responses to the COVID-19 Screening Form. And when you arrive, you may enter the building (using the key code) and wait in the lobby if you chose.

Below are the changes to our COVID-19 Protocols and Procedure:

Monday, March 1, 2021

March updates

My colleagues at Laurelhurst Family Clinic and I have received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine!

However, none of my personal or in-practice protocols and procedures will change -mask wearing, and hand washing remains a vital part of our lives, and will be necessary for some time to come. The vaccine is another way to protect ourselves from experiencing a severe case and reduce the strain on hospitals. There is currently promising data about the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing community spread, but I am erring on the side of caution. Until we reach herd immunity (a currently unknown percentage), or have more information and data, we should continue being vigilant about hygiene, personal space and mask wearing.

And here are some Covid-19 vaccine resources I'd like to share:

Thursday, January 21, 2021

a deep breath in 2021

 A year of Unexpected and Adapting has been challenging and, has in many ways offered small gifts. Since July I have found my way to a new, beautiful clinic in Laurelhurst, and found a way to return to this work that feels safe for me, and those of you who have ventured in to see me. This includes very strict procedures and protocols, and limiting the amount of clients I am currently seeing.

One of the bigger challenges this year is the shrinking down of who we can see, and who we are in close contact with. It is hard not to be able to see everyone, and yet a small gift has been receiving emails and texts from you all, checking in. I appreciate each and every one of you. I am grateful for the ways you are supporting me now.

Many of you who have been in, know I have been interested in how wearing masks, and our collective and individual worries around a global respiratory virus, a virus spread most easily by aerosolized particles, is affecting our breathing -not to mention how are nervous systems are reacting to all of the shift and stress. After the break find a diaphragm handout with an awareness exercise for those of you who are interested.

My hope is that this new year will allow us to eventually grow back our bigger circles, and step into our larger communities in some capacity, though in the meantime I hope you reach out if I can offer my support to you, or just to hear how you're doing.