Monday, August 16, 2021

August updates

 I can't believe August is nearly half over; this summer has just disappeared. Though I can't quite recall where all the time has gone, I have been enjoying early mornings and late evenings in the hammock, and chance encounters with friends during my walks on Mt. Tabor and Powell Butte. 

As cases rise in Portland (and everywhere else), I am finding it difficult to feel the recurrence of uncertainty. However I am grateful that the vaccine is doing its job; mitigating severe symptoms, hospitalization and more death. I hope you all are wearing your masks (now mandated in Oregon) and washing your hands frequently. As a slow adapter in this pandemic, I was just beginning to spend time with more folks, but am returning to some pre-vaccine habits: decreasing the number of people I see (especially the number of people I am around unmasked) and opting to gather outdoors.