Monday, July 1, 2019

insurance questions

At Deep Ground Massage + Bodywork, we call your insurance provider to verify benefits. As so much of this practice focuses on education, we want to share with you the questions we ask when we call to verify benefits and illuminate what these components of your insurance benefit mean (find a glossary after the break).

Before billing can take place client eligibility must clarified. It is your responsibility to be informed of your coverage, copay/coinsurance, and deductible.

Date Benefits Verified:

Name of Representative with whom you spoke:

Is Massage Therapy covered with this plan?

Is Physical Therapy covered with this plan?

Is the Provider (Stephanie Lavon Trotter) 

Are there 
Out-of-Network benefits?

Does this benefit required first meeting the 

Deductible Amount for the Year:

      Remaining Amount of Deductible:

Is a 
referral required?

        If so, by what type of practitioner?

Is a 
preauthorization required?

        If so, by what company? Please provide their contact information.

What is the 

Is there a 
yearly maximum for this benefit?

How many 
visits are authorized per year?

How many visits are records as of today?

97140 covered?

Is 97140 applied to the deductible?

97124 covered?

Is 97124 applied to the deductible?