Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Laziness and our ability to be curious

We live in a complex world that asks a lot of us. We have many ways of showing up to our living. What if we strive to be curious about comfort and discomfort? What if we investigate the ways our bodies respond in situations that are comforting or discomforting? Can we give our minds and hearts a break as they are struggling to find comfort in the chaos of living? Some people suggest 'focusing on the joy', but I want to expand that to focusing on all of the feelings and sensations beyond our pain, discomfort, hopelessness, doubt, ambivalence. Be open to feeling it all, but know that you get to determine what of those sensations to focus on, to feed.

"Traditionally, laziness is taught as one of the obstacles to awakening. There are different kinds of laziness. First, there’s the laziness of comfort orientation, we just try to stay comfortable and cozy. Then there’s the laziness of loss of heart, a kind of deep discouragement, a feeling of giving up on ourselves, of hopelessness. There’s also the laziness of couldn’t care less. That’s when we harden into resignation and bitterness and just close down." -Pema Chöndrön

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