Monday, June 1, 2015

injurious feelings

As the days get sunnier and beckon us to play, and we begin to move our bodies more (often in new or renewed ways), we might find ourselves with some aches, a little pain or tightness.

I woke up one morning this week in a tremendous amount of pain. I stretched a little, and got ready for my day. I worked, and found myself not walking my walk, my body contorted, wincing with every step.

What do we do when our body isn't working how we expect it to? I went through a little denial "It's nothing big," I thought, "it will go away in a couple hours."  The pain subsided, but I had a long day ahead; running around, driving, and massage clients. By the time I could kick my feet up, I was sore.

I laid on my mat, took thirty minutes -I was convinced I didn't have- to stretch, a slow, meditative session of stretching and breathing.

The next morning it was worse. I could hardly get out of bed! I cried as I got ready for another long day. I got to work and hobbled along, until I couldn't. I call my chiropractor and he got me in an hour later.

I was reminded of what of some my clients feel when they come to me; desperate, in unbearable pain. I wanted to feel better, right now! But, after my adjustment I felt worse.

I went home drew a hot bath, soaked in Epsom salts. I slathered my pain with Sombra warming gel, and got back to my day. It wasn't until 10 hours later, that I felt like I could fully use my body again. I am still recovering, still allowing my muscles and bones to return to their alignment, still allowing myself to slow down enough to listen to what my body needs.

Immediate relief can happen, but sometimes our bodies take their own pace to heal. What are some of your self-care habits that help you body heal?

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